Oh Like WOW
Positive Reggae Jazz Music with a Splash of Hip Hop

"Smooth, relaxing, and sure to bring a smile to your face."

~ Taste Music

Oh Like WOW - New Songs

Boom Boom

We made this song with our new friend Matt B. Thorns from the UK. We met him over Zoom this year. LOL. Then this happened.

Je T'aime, Te Amo

We made this song with our friend Belle Garcia from Mexico City. It has lyrics in English, Spanish and French! It's oh, so romantic.

Treasure for the Brave

Do you have a dream? Would you like some encouragement? Listen to this song. Get inspired pirate style. There be treasure...Arrrrrrr!

Listen to Oh Like WOW's New Album

Live @ The Moon Markets

This was a charity fundraiser for the Future of Yesterday Foundation. It took place in September of 2019 in Loveland, CO. It's Oh Like WOW's most recent live album, and it features the most vocal improvisation and stage banter.

"You made us fall in love more and more every second listening to you..."

Oh Like WOW - Performing Live

"Butterfly" Promo Reel

Watch a compilation of live performances set to a live audio recording of Oh Like WOW's  song "Butterfly". Experience the magic.

Live @ New Belgium 

Watch Oh Like WOW perform live at New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins, CO. Let the good vibes take you on a vacation. 

Opening for Crazy Bone

Watch Oh Like WOW open for Crazy Bone from Bone Thugs & Harmony at a carnival with a cover of Soldier Boy's "Turn My Swag On"

"You guys were great! Exactly what we wanted."

~ St. Julien Hotel

2020 Tour Schedule: See Oh Like WOW in Person

(2020 Tour Cancelled)


Apr 18 - Longmont, CO, USA @ Longtucky Spirits
Apr 23 - Boulder, CO, USA @ St. Julien Hotel
Apr 24 - Fort Collins, CO, USA @ TBA
Apr 26 - Denver, CO, USA @ Lustre Pearl
Apr 29 - Fort Collins, CO, USA @ Avuncular Bob's


May 1 - Denver, CO, USA @ Ocean Prime
May 9 - Boulder, CO, USA @ St. Julien Hotel
May 16 - Denver, CO, USA @ Zuni Street Brewing
May 21 - Larkspur, CO, USA @ Private Party
May 22 - Longmont, CO, USA @ Longtucky Spirits
May 2 - Loveland, CO, USA @ Backyard Tap
May 24 - Fort Collins, CO, USA @ Equinox Brewing
May 27 - Fort Collins, CO, USA @ Avuncular Bob's 
May 28 - Boulder, CO, USA @ St. Julien Hotel
May 30 - Boulder, CO, USA @ Beyond the Mountain
May 3 - Fort Collins, CO, USA @ Maxline Brewing


June 7 - Bailey, CO, USA @ Mad Jack's Brewery
June 11 - Boulder, CO, USA @ St. Julien Hotel
June 12 - Boulder, CO, USA @ The Barrel
June 13 - Northglenn, CO, USA @ Rickoli Brewing
June 14 - Lyons, CO, USA @ Stone Cup
June 14 - Denver, CO, USA @ Ophelia's Electric Soap Box
June 20 - Wellington, CO, USA @ Sparge Brewing
June 21 - Denver, CO, USA @ Zuni Street Brewing
June 25 - Boulder, CO, USA @ St. Julien Hotel
June 26 - Greeley, CO, USA @ Broken Plow Brewery
June 27 - Loveland, CO, USA @ Backyard Tap


July 4 - Northglenn, CO, USA @ Periodic Brewing
July 11 - Centenial, CO, USA @ Private Party
July 18 - Louisville, CO, USA @ Farmer's Market
July 18 - Fort Collins, CO, USA @ Emporium Sports Bar
July 23 - Boulder, CO, USA @ St. Julien Hotel
July 24 - Wellington, CO, USA @ Sparge Brewing
July 25 - Conifer, CO, USA @ Conifer Days Street Festival


Aug 8 - Boulder, CO, USA @ St. Julien Hotel
Aug 15 - Greeley, CO, USA @ Farmer's Market
Aug 15 - Longmont, CO, USA @ La Vita Bella
Aug 20 - Boulder, CO, USA @ St. Julien Hotel
Aug 22 - Louisville, CO, USA @ Farmer's Market
Aug 22 - Fort Collins, CO, USA @ Emporium Sports Bar
Aug 28 - Fort Collins, CO, USA @ Red Truck Beer Co.


Sept 7 - Castle Pines, CO, USA @ Private Party
Sept 8 - Fort Collins, CO, USA @ Food Truck Ralley

About Oh Like WOW

We believe that music is a powerful thing and that song lyrics can get stuck in your head and become mantras, affirmations, and beliefs that end up affecting your life in one way or another. Since your subconscious mind is driving the ship of your life, we've made it our mission to supply you with positive, uplifting songs to inspire you to live your dreams and create Heaven on Earth.

"Can you play our New Year's Eve party again next year?"

~ St. Julien Hotel

Meet the Band

Sophia Heronema

Sophia sings & plays jazz kazoo. She grew up listening to musicals from the 40's and 50's. She also has a background in dance.

Emrys Hanley

Emrys sings & plays rythm guitar, and before Oh Like WOW, he made a solo folk album with Dale Ockerman from the Doobie Bros.

Sidney Simmons

Sidney plays electric and standup bass. He has a jazz background and loves cats.

Dalton Vaughan

Dalton LOVES music. In addition to playing percussion for Oh Like WOW, he has a booking agency that books over 150 bands.

"Can you guys be our house band?"

~ Avuncular Bob's


Would you like us to play at your venue or private party? We especially love playing at tea parties, garden parties, resorts, hotels, wineries, country clubs, restaurants, breweries, and Necker Island. We're currently available  in Northern Colorado as a duet, trio, quartet or five-piece, but we do travel around, so please call Dalton if you have any questions. Don't worry. He's nice. :)

Booking Agent

Dalton Vaughan

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